Our Clients

Our target clients are organizations who experience challenges acquiring, rewarding, managing, terminating employees whether they are in the public arena; not for profit agencies; of the private sector. Our current and past clients include those in health care, manufacturing; housing; energy; logistics; municipal government; construction; post secondary; marketing and communication; banking; IT and aviation.

Our clients may require on-going, retainer, support or one-off support for specific human resource management or labour relations projects.

Partial list of past and current clients:

  • Alberta College of Art + Design
  • Brazeau Seniors Foundation
  • Calgary Humane Society
  • Calgary Petroleum Club
  • Calgary Regional Health Authority
  • Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter
  • Centron Construction
  • Chris Mechanical Services
  • City of Calgary
  • Comrade Agency
  • CWD Windows and Doors/Ply Gem
  • Demong Associate Eye Clinic
  • Extreme Engineering
  • Gibson Petroleum
  • Hanover Maloney
  • HMA Land Services
  • ii_Industry Images
  • Monterey Place Assisted Living
  • National Energy Board
  • Penn West Energy
  • Renegade Petroleum
  • SAIT
  • Town of Cochrane
  • Ulster Petroleum
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Vecova
  • Westco

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